Implosion is about a game wherein people across the world invest happiness-inducing pills in celebrities’ personal lives instead of investing money in stocks and bonds. These celebrities are four of the world's most powerful people in desperate need of the pills they are promised in exchange for their privacy. Sana Inayat of Aidni, based on Ancient India and Victorian England, is a princess struggling to earn respect from her famine-stricken kingdom headed for war. Bridgette Monteiro of Couture, based on Paris in the 1920s and Milan of today, is an aging supermodel with a declining career and a pregnancy to hide. Ekene Cesaire of Senechelles, which is based on Senegal and Seychelles, is a corrupt politician who has strong ties to the Underworld as he runs his Presidential campaign. Tessie of Ibinia, based on Hispano-Greek culture and Wall Street, is a businesswoman who is trying to deal with a divorce and has built her empire based on illegal deals. Implosion follows all four characters in their respective worlds until they all decide to work together to shut down the Game -- before they lose everything.

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