After her tryst with linguistics (the study of languages), Shriya started her own drive where she introduces people to its field. She has reached out to thousands of students and tries to get them all to see languages from a very different and interesting perspective. When she read about the Andaman language "Bo" becoming extinct after the 85 year old tribe leader died, Shriya began her own drive to conserve languages by making more people aware about the imminent extinction of the languages and teaching them how to prevent it.

Within the first week of the campaign Shriya addressed thousands of students who were very excited to be introduced to the new realm of languages. She's been particularly excited about the campaign in South Indian schools as they are such big hubs of languages, having all the Dravidian languages based there.


"Languages are becoming extinct just as wildlife is. Then why doesn't anybody ever talk about conserving the languages, which are our cultural identity?"

Shriya Sekhsaria