July 9, 2013

​“But most of all, it’s about three alphabets that when put together can stem into an infinite implosion.”

       ONE, based in present-day Ibinia is a work of fiction that combines romance and intrigue. Adrasteia (Tessie) a world-renowned celebrity who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and Alejandro (Aley) an uneducated but compassionate bar-owner,  try to find their best friend Kiara, who seems to have vanished without a trace. Sparks fly between the two as they rope in almost the entire world- ranging from Singaporean Actors to Ibinian Super-Brains to find their brilliant friend. In a chase that takes them around the globe, Tessie and Aley uncover some shocking secrets that make them doubt everyone- especially those closest to them. Combining romance, mystery, intrigue, mythology, power, psychological instability and a whole lot of drama, ONE keeps you hoping and guessing, with unimaginable twists and turns along the way.