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My Writing


I love words. Reading them, writing them, feeling them... I spend a lot of time thinking about (and experimenting with) them. I've written novels, screenplays, news articles, and even the odd essay. Here are some of the pieces I'm proudest of :)  


A Mos Maiorum Novel

ONE, based in present-day Ibinia is a work of fiction that combines romance and intrigue. Adrasteia (Tessie) a world-renowned celebrity who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty, and Alejandro (Aley) an uneducated but compassionate bar-owner,  try to find their best friend Kiara, who seems to have vanished without a trace. Sparks fly between the two as they rope in almost the entire world- ranging from Singaporean Actors to Ibinian Super-Brains to find their brilliant friend. In a chase that takes them around the globe, Tessie and Aley uncover some shocking secrets that make them doubt everyone- especially those closest to them. Combining romance, mystery, intrigue, mythology, power, psychological instability and a whole lot of drama, ONE keeps you hoping and guessing, with unimaginable twists and turns along the way.


Select Journalism


Details the lives of all 101 Princetonians who participated in the Olympic Games since 1896. Also includes live coverage of the 2016 Olympic events Princetonians competed in and all living Tiger Olympians' favorite and least favorite memories


An overview of the lives of women at Princeton University from the first few female undergraduates in the 1960s to the women of today. This feature series details the women's admissions and residences; and roles in academics, athletics, and campus organizations


This feature series traces the lives of African American students at Princeton University from the 1800s to 2015. Featuring interviews of 100+ alumni, this decade-by-decade series was awarded by the New Jersey Press Foundation for outstanding journalism


A feature detailing all known suicides on Princeton University's campus along with reactions from key stakeholders on campus and beyond

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