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Celebrate your journey

with your favorite people

using memory jars

Lumhaa was created based on our award-winning psychology research, which showed that even 5 minutes with memory jars increased happiness, reduced loneliness, and improved psychological well-being. Over the past 5 years, Lumhaa has grown into a suite of tools to improve collective wellbeing -- i.e., your psychological wellbeing, and your close relationships

The App

The Lumhaa App helps create digital memory jars for you and your favorite people to fill memories in together. With different templates ranging from personal diaries to school portfolios, the Lumhaa app makes sharing your memories fun, easy, and thoughtful!

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The Products

The Lumhaa Shop helps take your memories beyond the screen. Whether it's a card game with fun questions or a handmade jar filled with video prints, the Lumhaa Shop makes whacky and wholesome products that celebrate your memories!

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